We at Granville Tobacconist are proud to say that we are the dealer of:

- Cheech Bongs and Smoking Accessories

- Red Eye Glass and Bongs

- Hoss Glass Bongs and Pipes

- Variety of Vaporizers (Smok, Evod, Kangertech, Aspire and more)

Conveniently located at 993 Granville Street, in Vancouver BC.

The team at Granville Tobacconist are passionate about all things related to smoking! We are dedicated to offer the best services and advice on anything in the store, with in-depth knowledge on each vaporizer. We are known to have the most knowledgeable staff amongst other stores in BC. Our online selection is very limited, however you may stop by our shop to select from our huge selection of smoking accessories. Here's a list of items that we carry at the shop on Granville:

- Electronic Cigarettes

- E-Juice

- Vaporizers

- E-nails and accessories

- Bongs and Pipes (Glass, Metal and Wood)

- Dab Rigs & Oil Rigs

- Torch Lighters

- Plastic Bongs

- Bubblers and Water Pipes

- Cuban Cigars & Cigarettes & Accessories

- Rolling Papers (huge selection) and Pipes

- Tobacco and Herbal Blunts

- Rolling Tobacco & Pipe Tobacco

- Scales, Baggies and other accessories

- Shisha & Accessories