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No2 Vaporizer
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Details: This vaporizer has a rechargeable battery and can also be used while plugged in with the wall charger. The fact that this vaporizer can be used with only one hand and no cords is pretty damn cool. It is definitely the best vape for multitasking. I found that the battery, after being fully charged, lasts about an hour of heating time, or about four sessions. It also heats up pretty quickly, in less than a minute when it?s plugged in, and about a minute and a half when running off the battery. One tip I have for you regarding what temperature you set is to start off lower than you normally would with other units. Even know the usual recommended temp is 365, and the NO2 manual says to set it between 375 and 385, I would recommend you set it between 355 and 360 for the best quality vapor. When I had mine set higher than that the herbs started getting a slight burnt taste to them ? but experiment yourself and let me know what temperature works best for you.

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